Wardrobe Tips for Clients

  1. Please avoid wearing Brand names (written or pictured) we know your kid loves Pokemon, but going for the classic look will make your images stand the test of time rather than being dated.
  2. No neons or intense highlighter colors. Those new track shoes?? Save those for the gym. These types of overly bright colors will throw weird color casts onto skin and most importantly, faces.
  3. Keep most of the colors neutral: definition of neutral- beiges, whites, denim, grays, even blacks and blues. Bring in a bold “pop” of color for that great focus to the family while keeping things united. Great pops of color include primary colors, such as mustard yellow, wine reds, and rich navy.  Try to avoid the color green if you wish for your session to be at a park because you will look lost, in a literal sea of green.
  4. Wear what makes you comfortable and feel good/sexy/confident. constrained. Go for something that makes you feel like yourself, but enhanced, confident. I also advise to try to bring some sandals if you want to wear heels because there can be quite a distance to walk.
  5. Bring a jacket/scarf/second outfit in the car. For everyone, yes, everyone. Just in case because someone can have an accident, and not just the children. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a scarf or something to jazz up the session or give it a different look. Dress appropriately for the weather.

For the kiddos: Dress them in something timeless, classic, and not crazy patterned and in trend. Also, please make sure it fits properly. If child/baby doesn’t appreciate big bows or hair clips, please keep things simple, it decreases the chance of baby tugging and upsetting herself mid shoot. The main thing to remember with Family Outfits is to coordinate and not exactly match.   Also, if you have questions about what to wear you can call me and I am happy to help in any way I can.